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Waitlisted Students and Appealing your Admissions Decision

Students that have completed the admissions process and are placed on the MECHS waitlist for admission to their grade level cohort will be notified in writing of their “waitlist status” and numeric rank. 

To formally appeal your admissions decision, submit a typed letter of appeal within five (5) days requesting a “MECHS Appeals Panel for Reconsideration of Applicant.”  The letter should be sent to the MECHS site administrator/principal, and must include the student’s full name, SCUSD student identification number, and the reason for the appeal. 

Reconsideration of an applicant will not be given for any student whose application was turned in after the deadline, or when, during the interview, the student stated he/she did not want to attend MECHS.

The MECHS site administrator/principal will consider the request and will review the application and student documentation.  The site administrator will then submit the package to a panel of educational leaders that represent the following stakeholders:

  1. SCUSD
  2. Alternative Education-At large

The site administrator/principal will present the application with the name of the student and any other personal identifiers redacted from the application.  The site administrator will present the rationale stated in the letter requesting reconsideration of the applicant to the MECHS Appeals Panel.  The Panel will discuss and make the final determination of admission status. 

The determination of the MECHS Appeals Panel will be final for the applicant in question.  Students may re-apply during the following year for admission to MECHS.